How Did I Get Here?

Life is crazy, and mine is no different. Last year, my family and I have moved across the country for a job. Anyone who has ever done this is probably in a similar boat. When a company is willing to pay you to move across the country to take a new job, you are usually walking in to a dumpster fire. Yup, I walked into a dumpster fire. Now that is just a bit of backdrop so that you understand I may ramble a bit in this one due to 12 hour workdays, over caffeinating etc.

Not only did I move across the country, I went from a guy who had no social media to a guy that is managing a webpage, Instagram and Facebook. What in the world happened? 1st Rut is what happened and it happened has a joke on the car ride back from an elk hunt. It had been an awesome and successful week in the mountains and everyone had a great time. Anyone who has been to an elk camp understands the things that are said are hilarious, and probably funnier than they should be maybe due to starvation/exhaustion. If you haven’t been on a western hunt, I strongly suggest you to go. Make the leap and go. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the latest and greatest gear or you are on a budget. (Side note, I am working on publishing a budget file to help aspiring western hunters)

As 1st Rut, which started as an Instagram page, grew our thoughts on what to do with it grew as well. We plan on doing reviews on products etc, but right now we are going to share our thoughts and experiences on equipment, training and more.

Before we get there, let’s walk through the story around the 1st Rut name. On this trip, we brought along a millennial as our 4th (we hunt in pairs), he is a former Marine pilot, current commercial airline pilot and in general a quiet guy. This was the 1st time this millennial had ever, read that again, 1st hunt ever, been hunting. No starting with whitetail, turkeys or hogs, no this guy jumps in the deep end and the 1st Rut family was born. When this quite guy speaks, it is absolutely hilarious. On this trip, we picked up and moved locations after 3 – 4 days to a completely new location. Driving in on the service road after 4 days of getting our butt kicked by the mountains, our millennial friend says “Do you think the elk ever hear us bugling, look at each other and say, 1st Rut ehh”. With that comment, the name was born. We have taken it and ran and want to be a resource for hunters who are interested in western hunting or any type of hunting for that matter. We love the outdoors and spending time outside with friends and family. We will share our experiences here and our honest opinions on gear and more. We hope you follow along on all the 1st Rut family adventures.



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