First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review

First Lite Kanab 2.0 Obsidian Review

Thanks for stopping in to read our First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review. If haven’t checked out our technical hunting pant review click here, there I give you my impression of these pants and many more. Looking at the following 3 criteria. These pants were the updated First Lite Kanab pants and they originally went with the Kanab 2.0 and then to the Obsidian pants name.

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Quietness

The #millenial of the 1st Rut Family wore a pair of these in the mountains last year. He provided pictures (below) of what the First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 look like after a week in the mountains. He noticed excessive pilling in the crotch within the first couple of days, by day 5 the crotch had ripped completely open. At that point he had to sew it up. In addition to the excessive pilling, there are two dime sized holes in the pants where the pants snagged on brush. If that wasn’t bad enough, there are a number of smaller than a dime sized holes throughout the pants along with threads coming loose. All of this wear after one week long hunt in the mountains.

I think I have said enough and will let the pictures speak for themselves.

First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review – Wrap Up

The amount of damage these first lite obsidian pants sustained in such a short period of time is crazy to me. I am not sure what situation these pants were intended for, but this isn’t acceptable in my opinion. Considering the cost and obvious durability issues, there are better options on the market when it comes to hunting pants.

I will be adding these pictures to the technical hunting pant review here and will also be adding the Prana Zion Stretch to that review. Stay tuned. Until then, get outside.

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