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Reviewing Western Binds Stuff Sack / Kit Sack

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Gear stuff sacks, doesn’t sound like a very interesting subject, right?  I love hunting, fishing and in general being outside but do you want to know what I hate?  Reaching in my pack and not being able to find what I am looking for.  Do you want to know what I hate worse than that, hearing a bugle over the ridge and in my haste to pack up leaving a stuff sack on the ground?  Don’t ask me if that has happened to me, because it has.  Why does every kit sack out there have to be camo or black or flat dark earth? It makes no sense to me.  I want a blaze orange stuff sack!

I expressed this general commentary to Western Binds, a small business in the great state of Texas.  I am not compensated in any way for this, so you can rest assured this is an honest assessment of the kit sacks forthcoming.

Christian, the owner came through for me with an awesome stuff sack.  I own plenty of Kifaru and KUIU and off brand Wal-Mart stuff sacks, but none compare to the Western Binds version.  You might be asking yourself, what makes this stuff sack different?  Well, let me tell you.   


Before I start getting hate mail from the Kifaru and KUIU fans, I own plenty of each company’s stuff and will continue to use it because I consider it the best option.  In this case, I prefer the Western Binds kit sack over the competition.  Plain and simple.

What Makes The WesternBinds Version Better?

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The material is the first difference.  The Western Binds stuff sack is made of a 4 way stretch material that is noticeable different from other makes and models.  See the pics, but you can stuff considerably more in this sack than you can the competition.  I was able to fit my entire kill kit in a sack that is noticeably smaller in size.

Similar to Kifaru, but not KUIU.  All Western Binds sacks are Berry Compliant, meaning they are made in the USA from raw materials produced in the USA.  This may not be important to everyone, but it supports US based jobs at the end of the day, so it is important to me.  With that being said, I own a number of western hunting companies stuff that isn’t US made, but when possible I want to support my fellow Americans.

This picture is my exact kill kit that is stuffed in the picture of the orange stuff sack / kit sack.

Read my full blog post on kill kit essentials here.

Here is what it boils down to in my mind. Will this product do everything I want (hold my gear in an organized way) and do it in less space. The answer is yes. I am a big fan of this kit sacks and will be ordering more in the future.

I have never personally met Christian at Western Binds, but my interactions with him have all been positive.  Give him a follow and check out his stuff sacks, trad slings and other gear at the Western Binds homepage.

WesternBinds In Action

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