Stone Glacier – De Havilland Pants Full Review

stone glacier de Havilland pant review

I added a pair of Stone Glacier – De Havilland Pants to my kit early this spring.  If you want some background on hunting pants I have used, read my technical hunting pant review and comparison here.  In that article, I gave my initial impressions of the De Havilland pants. I had not worn them on a hunt at that point, only training hikes. I was not a raving fan but someone who was intrigued and willing to give them a shot. My original thought heading into this elk season is I would bring these Stone Glacier Pants along. Wearing them for a couple of days and then update my review.

Hitting the Trailhead

stone glacier de Havilland pant review

Rolling into the trailhead the first night I was pumped and ready to bomb off into the mountainside looking for elk. After setting up my camp for the night, I started to get my gear ready for the next morning.  As I was pulling my hunting clothes out of the tote and getting everything set, I came to the realization that I forgot my belt.  I know right, it is always something.  No matter how much gear we pack, we always forget something.  

As thoughts of a paracord belt ran through my head it hit me.  The Stone Glacier – De Havilland pants have a built in belt.  My problem was solved for the time being. In retrospect, it works out in favor of this article as that was the only pair of pants I could wear for the week.  

Bugle, Bark, and Chuckle this to your buddies!

During the Hunt

The Stone Glacier De Havilland pants held up well during my week of chasing elk.  Check out the video below for my thoughts on this while I was in the hunt. I did notice that the stitching on the butt started to come undone.  The seams were closed with adhesive as well as stitched, so they never came fully undone.

After the hunt I reached out to Stone Glacier Customer Service.  After sending pictures, I received an email asking me to call in.  I called in, had a great conversation with the team at Stone Glacier.  Before the day was up, they had a new pair in the mail. Their only request was that I wash the old ones before sending them back! 

Outside of the seam on the butt coming undone, they showed relatively little wear. I plowed through tons of brush getting off the beaten trail. The unit I started in was packed, so I was bushwacking more than I would have liked trying to get away from other hunters.

Stone Glacier – De Havilland Pants – Leg Zips

The leg zips are still my favorite feature. It was absolutely hot a couple of days and these leg vents were a lifesaver.  For the majority of the trip, I kept them unzipped as far as I could. I am hot blooded to begin with, add in hot weather, a pack and hiking. You can only imagine. These leg zips help keep you cool with added air flow.

In my conversation with Stone Glacier Customer Service, I asked the question of netting on the pants leg zips.  They clearly get this question often, but the reason there is no netting is so you can utilize the entire Stone Glacier pants system as a kit together.  The pieces work together, and if these pants had a net you would not be able to access the layers under these pants. 

Note on the Adjustable Fly

This was one of the features I was a little unsure of when I received the pants. It seemed like a good idea, but you never know how something like this will work in the field. I found myself moving the velcro fly as the week went along. I was clearly sweating out pounds, and this feature integrated with the built in belt perfectly to keep my pants up without a belt. This is key, I had a pack on the entire week hiking. My pants stayed snug around my waist with no hot spots.

Wrap Up – Stone Glacier – De Havilland Pants

My new Stone Glacier De Havilland pants have been delivered, so I am pumped that they stood behind their product.  Based on this experience, I will be buying more Stone Glacier products in the future.  If you are looking for pant weights or how these stack up to other options, read my overview and comparison here.

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