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Do You Train To Hunt?

Do you train to hunt? When should a hunter begin to get in shape for a hunt?

When should a hunter begin to get in shape for a hunt? There has been an interesting intermingling of the fitness world and the hunting world in recent years.  It only makes sense as both markets are growing and changing at a rapid pace.  The increased… Continue Reading “Do You Train To Hunt?”

Kentucky Deer Season

Kentucky Deer Season, Deer Season Kentucky

-Deer Season Kentucky Overview- The Bluegrass State is known for many things, bourbon and horse racing come to mind, along with being a top producer of trophy whitetail bucks is one of them. As a good friend of the 1st Rut family says, this is… Continue Reading “Kentucky Deer Season”

– Missouri Deer Season –

Missouri deer season

Deer Season Missouri Welcome to the 2020 review of Missouri’s Deer Season. Missouri is the third midwestern state we have covered in our annual deer season overview series.  Indiana was the part one in this series and Ohio was part two. If you have ever driven through… Continue Reading “– Missouri Deer Season –”