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First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review

First Lite Kanab 2.0 Obsidian Review

Thanks for stopping in to read our First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review. If haven’t checked out our technical hunting pant review click here, there I give you my impression of these pants and many more. Looking at the following 3 criteria. These pants… Continue Reading “First Lite Obsidian Kanab 2.0 Review”

How-To Swap Mods On Mathews Vertix / VXR


As we are heading into the spring and summer season, and as I prepare for a Total Archery Challenge event (assuming we still have it with all the Covid-19 mess), I need to increase the number of arrows I am shooting on a daily/weekly… Continue Reading “How-To Swap Mods On Mathews Vertix / VXR”

How Did I Get Here?

Life is crazy, and mine is no different. Last year, my family and I have moved across the country for a job. Anyone who has ever done this is probably in a similar boat. When a company is willing to pay you to move… Continue Reading “How Did I Get Here?”