Elk Hunting Checklist

Archery Elk Hunting Checklist – September Gear

Elk Hunting Checklist - September Gear

Planning an archery elk hunt is confusing because of the myriad of opinions on the internet, so we put together a simple gear checklist for you to use.  This is the exact elk hunting gear list that I used last fall. My kit this fall will be very similar when I go archery elk hunting.  This kit works and is everything you need to pack into the mountains.  Everyone has different tastes in camo, bows, arrows, and other gear so feel free to adjust the list to your tastes.

Bugle, Bark, and Chuckle this to your buddies!

A couple of notes on the file:

The Microsoft Excel version of the file is setup to calculate the weight based on the quantity you plan on carrying.  Plus it will estimate the items that you can share with your hunting partner.  It isn’t perfect as it estimates that you can split those items exactly in half, but it is close enough to help you figure this out.  If you want a perfect split, figure out what you and your partner are carrying and weigh it.  

Hopefully this elk hunting gear list helps you organize what you need, how much gear weighs, or how you can share gear weight. If you have questions or comments drop us a line at  1strutcontact@gmail.com.

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