Elk Hunting

Elk hunting checklist bull elk

Elk Hunting How-To Guide

An Easy To Digest Guide To Get You Ready For The Mountains In September!

Elk Hunting Gear Checklist Everything  You Need For Your Dream Hunt

Elk Hunting Gear Checklist

Click Here for an easy to use Elk Hunting Gear Checklist from the 1st Rut Family!

How-To Guide To Selecting An OTC Unit For Non Resident Hunters

OTC Unit Selection How-To

Need Information On How To Pick A OTC Unit For A DIY Non-Resident Elk Hunt, Look No Further!

Bugle, Bark, and Chuckle this to your buddies!

Backcountry Kill Kit Everything You Need To Have Elk Hunting Home

Backcountry Kill Kit

Everything You Need For Your Backcountry Kill Kit And Nothing More.

Top 10 List Comfort Items To Have On A Backpack Hunt Elk Hunting Home

Top 10 Comfort Items

The 1st Rut Family Agree’s, You Don’t Want To Forget These 10 Items On A Backpack Hunt

Perfect Backcountry Knife Duo ESEE Izula And Outdoor Edge Razor Blaze Elk Hunting Home

Backcountry Knife Duo

The Elder Of The 1st Rut Family Shares His Trusted Backcountry Knife Duo.

How To Clean Game Bags After A Successfully DIY Hunt Elk Hunting Home

How-To Clean Game Bags

A Step By Step Guide To Cleaning Game Bags To Get You Ready For Next Year.

DIY How-To Guide For A European Mount Elk Hunting Home

DIY European Mount How-To

The 1st Rut Families Guide To A Do It Yourself European Mount.

Backcountry Backpack Hunting Mid-Layer Review, Stone Glacier Helio, Sitka Fanatic, First Lite Chama, First Lite Halstead, KUIU Peloton, Under Armour Ridge Reaper

Backcountry Mid-Layer Review

Reviewing 6 Technical Backcountry Mid-Layers And How They Stack Up.

6.5 Creedmoor For Elk

6.5 Creedmoor For Elk

Is the 6.5 Creedmoor Good For Elk Hunting? Find Out Here.

How To Make Backcountry Coffee

The 1st Rut Families Guide To Coffee In The Backcountry.

Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make your a better person.

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