How-To Clean Game Bags

How-To Clean Game Bags

Now that you have had a successful September, October, or November you have a freezer full to meat and fantastic memories but what do you do with those dirty game bags?  We will show you the 1st Rut Families cleaning method below.  This process will restore those bags to almost new condition. This How-To Clean Game Bags guide will give you multiple years of use out of a singe set of game bags.

Bugle, Bark, and Chuckle this to your buddies!


1.  We rinse the bags out with water after removing the meat.  Take the time to remove all the big chunks.  The bags in this how to are Tag Bags which are nylon material.  They were sprayed out and then dried at camp.  The rest of the process takes place at home.

2.  Soak in a cold water / Oxy-clean mixture for at least 4 hours.  This will help remove any of those stubborn blood stains.  I stir the mixture 3 or 4 times while it soaks to aid in removing blood stains.  I let mine sit for at least 4 hours but sometimes more based on what condition they are in.

3.  Once I remove them from the soak, I spray them off again both inside and out.  Then they are off to the washing machine.d

4.  Wash in cold water with laundry detergent and oxyclean.  I use the pre-soak setting and have it set for towels and sheets.  I prefer cold water as it helps remove blood stains.

5.  I prefer to hang mine to dry, but you can dry in the dryer on low heat.  Keep in mind it won’t take long to dry in the dryer.

6.  Once dry fold or roll up and return to your kill kit.

7.  Get them bloody again and repeat this process!!

This is an easy way to keep your game bags clean and ready for the next season.  Hopefully you have to repeat this process every offseason!

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