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Whitetail Habitat Improvement – State Supported Tree Seedlings


If you have read any of our pages and blog posts on whitetail habitat improvement projects, you know that I love trees. I have loved trees and growing things since I was a little kid. I won’t bore you stories about all the plants, trees, and shrubs I have planted and grown over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against food plots for habitat improvement, but I love the idea of planting trees that will grow for decades and feed wildlife in abundance. I love the idea that my children and grandchildren will one day hunt out of or around those trees that I planted. Plus they can have a monetary value at some point in the future for your family if you are interested in that. In this whitetail habitat improvement tree seedling resource article you will find out if your state participates.

The good news for you, if you are like me and want to plant trees is, many States throughout the US offer tree seedling programs. In these programs you can purchase quality seedlings through your States department of natural resources. The majority of these programs offer a very cost-efficient way to add trees to your habitat improvement projects.

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Trees are usually sold in bundles of 50 – 1000 depending on the state. If you are buying 1000, I suggest you have a mechanical means to plant or the funds to hire some extra hands. I have been able to plant 100 in a weekend by myself, now it was a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the future.

With the help of my 10-year-old, we have compiled a list of states that offer tree seedling programs. The list follows, we will work to keep this updated yearly and keep the links fresh. If you see one that we missed reach out and let us know 1strutcontact@gmail.com

Click the links below to be taken to the States tree purchase program website.

States With Tree Seedling Programs (Hyperlink to Site)

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