Whitetail Deer Tree stands

Section #7: Tree Stand Options for Whitetail Deer Hunters

There are multiple options on the market for hunters looking to expand their elevated hunting options. These aren’t your only options, as you are only contained by your imagination. I have hunted out of all of the set-ups we are going to talk about with the exception of the saddle. Although I am intrigued enough now to order one. I will do a full write up this fall after spending some time in one.

There is a time and a place that all of these whitetail deer tree stands can be used successfully. What you will need to consider as the hunter is what does the property you hunt look like? It won’t do you any good to have a tree stand if there are no trees big enough to use on your property. Instead a tripod or ground blind may be your only option.

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Whitetail Deer Tree Stands – Safety

Before we go any further, please use and understand a harness before using any tree stand. Do not take a step off the ground without being connected to the tree. I am guilty, in my past I hunted without a harness on a number of occasions and used less than adequate tree stands. Take my advice and don’t do it, it isn’t worth the risk.  There are accidents and deaths every year due to people taking unnecessary risks. Your life is worth it, wear a harness and ensure your tree stands and climbing sticks are adequately maintained.

Ladder Stands

Ladder stands are exactly as the name states. A platform and seat that is attached to the tree and has a physical ladder leading up to it. The benefit of the ladder stand is that on the morning of your hunt you only have to carry your gear in the woods as the stand is setup and waiting. The ease of use of a ladder stand can also be a detriment if it is setup just out of range of the trail or where the mature buck decides to walk through. It is not easy or quick to dismantle a ladder stand during the season and move locations. If the time aspect isn’t enough, the scent you spread and noise you make moving the stand should be enough for you to reconsider.

Tripod treestand, how to whitetail deer from treestand

Tripod Stands

Tripod Stands have come a long way since my beginning days of hunting two plus decades ago. I remember the first one I sat in and thought the wind was going to blow me over and I was going to die!  Not a fun experience. Today they are much improved, with the addition of blinds, both cloth and plastic, to the platform you can be setting perched in luxury. These work especially well at the ends or corner of fields. In addition they are a great way to introduce little ones to hunting.

Photo Courtesy of Muddy Outdoors. You can see their full lineup at www.gomuddy.com.

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Lock On Treestand

Lock On’s or hang on tee stands now come in two varieties. The newest to the market is more similar to a climber stand from a mobility standpoint but is a lock on tree stand with sections of climbing sticks to allow you to get up the tree. The older version of lock on stands didn’t include the climbing stick sections but you could buy tree steps that you screwed into the tree allowing you a hand and foot hold. The Lock On tree stands of today are much safer and more comfortable as compared to the Lock On’s of yesteryear. In the past, I have hunted out of some serious old school Lock On’s with wood platforms. Now that I am a bit more experienced, I wouldn’t get close to some of the old ones I hunted out of or tree steps for that matter.

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Photo Courtesy of Lone Wolf Hunting Products. You can see their full lineup at www.lonewolfhuntingproducts.com.

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Climbing Stands

I am a big proponent of climbing stands, both from a mobility standpoint and a safety standpoint. The only real downside of a climbing stand is the weight packing into and out of the hunting location. They come in many different configurations. In their basic form, there is a platform that you strap your feet into to climb and a seat. Both sections go around the tree, you are able to push up with your arms on the seat sections and then pull your feet up. Then stand, reposition the seat and repeat. They are fast to setup, mobile and safe when used appropriately. If you are going to be hiking in long distances do yourself a favor and get a decent backpack that you can utilize.

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Photo Courtesy of Lone Wolf Hunting Products. You can see their full lineup at www.lonewolfhuntingproducts.com.

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While they have recently gained a renewed popularity, some form of saddle hunting has been around for some time. They are basically a cloth seat that is attached around the tree with a small platform stand to allow you to stand. The benefits of this type of system is they are light and mobile. I have read and heard varying reviews on their comfort, but I cannot speak directly to that point. I am in the process of ordering one and will do a full write up review once I am comfortable with it.

Photos Courtesy Of Tethrd, You Can Check Out Their Lineup At www.tethrdnation.com

Wrap Up

As I stated earlier, there is a time and place for all of these whitetail deer tree stands. I heavily utilize a traditional climber, a lock on tree stand with sticks and ladder stands. I prefer to have multiple options on our property. As with any piece of equipment, ensure it is in good working order with routine maintenance.

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